Jian SU (苏俭)

Group Leader, Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Co-Director, Baidu I2R Research Centre (BIRC)
A*STAR Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R)


Dr. Jian Su has been the Group Leader / Unit Head / Department Head of NLP since 2014, Co-Director of BIRC since 2013 at A*STAR I2R in Singapore. She works on information extraction, sentiment analysis, dialogue and discourse analysis, machine reading comprehension, text mining and NLP application in the capacity of a Principal Investigator. These projects have spanned various international research collaborations as well as large scale technology deployments for Search, Dialogue, Intelligence Gathering and Standard Enforcement.

She is the chair elect (2021-2022) and chair (2023-2024) as well as founding executive board member (2018-2020) of AACL, Asia Pacific Chapter of the ACL, the premier association of Computational Linguistics. She was the President in 2019 (VP 2018 and VP-Elect 2017) and Advisory Board Member (2015 - ) of SIGDAT, the largest and one of the oldest Special Interest Group of ACL. Prior to these, Dr. Su was the past executive committee member of ACL (2012-2014). She has also served as General / Program Chair of tier-1 NLP conferences, including EMNLP 2016 / 2015, the yearly conference organised by SIGDAT as well as ACL-IJCNLP 2009 , the joint conference of the ACL and the AFNLP (Asia Federation of NLP). She has been the founding Action / Associate Editor for the two flagship journals, Transactions of ACL (TACL) and ACM transaction of Information System(TIST).

She received President’s Technology Award (team) in 2013 and The Enterprise Challenge Award (team) in 2003.

Research Interests:

• Information Extraction
• Sentiment Analysis
• Dialogue and Discourse Analysis
• Machine Reading Comprehension
• Text Mining and NLP applications
• Language Resources & Evaluation
• Machine Learning for Natural Language

• Machine Translation