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Joint conference of the 47th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics and
the 4th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing of the Asian Federation of Natural Language Processing

Program - WS10

The 7th Workshop on Asian Language Resources

Thursday, August 6, 2009

8:30–9:00 Registration
9:00–9:10 Opening
9:10–9:35 Enhancing the Japanese WordNet
Francis Bond, Hitoshi Isahara, Sanae Fujita, Kiyotaka Uchimoto, Takayuki Kuribayashi and Kyoko Kanzaki
9:35–10:00 An Empirical Study of Vietnamese Noun Phrase Chunking with Discriminative Sequence Models
Le Minh Nguyen, Huong Thao Nguyen, Phuong Thai Nguyen, Tu Bao Ho and Akira Shimazu
10:00–10:30 Break
10:30–10:55 Corpus-based Sinhala Lexicon
Ruvan Weerasinghe, Dulip Herath and Viraj Welgama
10:55–11:20 Analysis and Development of Urdu POS Tagged Corpus
Ahmed Muaz, Aasim Ali and Sarmad Hussain
11:20–11:45 Annotating Dialogue Acts to Construct Dialogue Systems for Consulting
Kiyonori Ohtake, Teruhisa Misu, Chiori Hori, Hideki Kashioka and Satoshi Nakamura
11:45–12:10 Assas-band, an Affix-Exception-List Based Urdu Stemmer
Qurat-ul-Ain Akram, Asma Naseer and Sarmad Hussain
12:10–13:50 Lunch break
13:50–14:15 Automated Mining Of Names Using Parallel Hindi-English Corpus
R. Mahesh K. Sinha
14:15–14:40 Basic Language Resources for Diverse Asian Languages: A Streamlined Approach for Resource Creation
Heather Simpson, Kazuaki Maeda and Christopher Cieri
14:40–15:05 Finite-State Description of Vietnamese Reduplication
Le Hong Phuong, Nguyen Thi Minh Huyen and Roussanaly Azim
15:05–15:30 Construction of Chinese Segmented and POS-tagged Conversational Corpora and Their Evaluations on Spontaneous Speech Recognitions
Xinhui Hu, Ryosuke Isotani and Satoshi Nakamura
15:30–16:00 Break
16:00–16:15 Bengali Verb Subcategorization Frame Acquisition - A Baseline Model
Somnath Banerjee, Dipankar Das and Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
16:15–16:30 Phonological and Logographic Influences on Errors in Written Chinese Words
Chao-Lin Liu, Kan-Wen Tien, Min-Hua Lai, Yi-Hsuan Chuang and Shih-Hung Wu
16:30–16:45 Resource Report: Building Parallel Text Corpora for Multi-Domain Translation System
- Budiono, Hammam Riza and Chairil Hakim
16:45–17:00 A Syntactic Resource for Thai: CG Treebank
Taneth Ruangrajitpakorn, Kanokorn Trakultaweekoon and Thepchai Supnithi
17:00–17:15 Part of Speech Tagging for Mongolian Corpus
Purev Jaimai and Odbayar Chimeddorj

Friday, August 7, 2009

8:45–9:10 Interaction Grammar for the Persian Language: Noun and Adjectival Phrases
Masood Ghayoomi and Bruno Guillaume
9:10–9:35 KTimeML: Specification of Temporal and Event Expressions in Korean Text
Seohyun Im, Hyunjo You, Hayun Jang, Seungho Nam and Hyopil Shin
9:35–10:00 CWN-LMF: Chinese WordNet in the Lexical Markup Framework
Lung-Hao Lee, Shu-Kai Hsieh and Chu-Ren Huang
10:00–10:30 Break
10:30–10:55 Philippine Language Resources: Trends and Directions
Rachel Edita Roxas, Charibeth Cheng and Nathalie Rose Lim
10:55–11:20 Thai WordNet Construction
Sareewan Thoongsup, Thatsanee Charoenporn, Kergrit Robkop, Tan Sinthurahat, Chumpol Mokarat, Virach Sornlertlamvanich and Hitoshi Isahara
11:20–11:45 Query Expansion using LMF-Compliant Lexical Resources
Takenobu Tokunaga, Dain Kaplan, Nicoletta Calzolari, Monica Monachini, Claudia Soria, Virach Sornlertlamvanich, Thatsanee Charoenporn, Yingju Xia, Chu-Ren Huang, Shu-Kai Hsieh and Kiyoaki Shirai
11:45–12:10 Thai National Corpus: A Progress Report
Wirote Aroonmanakun, Kachen Tansiri and Pairit Nittayanuparp
12:10–13:50 Lunch break
13:50–14:15 The FLaReNet Thematic Network: A Global Forum for Cooperation
Nicoletta Calzolari and Claudia Soria
14:15–14:40 Towards Building Advanced Natural Language Applications - An Overview of the Existing Primary Resources and Applications in Nepali
Bal Krishna Bal
14:40–15:05 Using Search Engine to Construct a Scalable Corpus for Vietnamese Lexical Development for Word Segmentation
Doan Nguyen
15:05–15:30 Word Segmentation Standard in Chinese, Japanese and Korean
Key-Sun Choi, Hitoshi Isahara, Kyoko Kanzaki, Hansaem Kim, Seok Mun Pak and Maosong Sun
15:30–16:00 Break
16:00–17:50 Panel discussion "ALR and FLaReNet"
17:50–18:00 Closing


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