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Joint conference of the 47th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics and
the 4th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing of the Asian Federation of Natural Language Processing

Information for Internet Access

Internet Access within Suntec Singapore Level 2 (Free)

Wireless Internet access covered by WiFi signal will be available for conference participants at level 2 of Suntec Convention Centre. The service is intended for general purpose Internet surfing, such as email etc., and not for high data rate usage like internet phone (Skype), video streaming, online gaming etc. There is a limit of 100 concurrent clients within our conference area, the limit is distributed around level 2 according to pre-installed access points in the building. Username and password will be provided to all participants at the registration booth.

In addition, an Internet kiosk with 10 PCs with LAN connection will be available for general purpose Internet surfing.

Wireless@SG Internet Access with wide coverage in Singapore (Free)

Singapore offers countrywide free WiFi Internet. The service is available in selected places, like libraries, shopping malls, restaurants, etc., by connecting to WiFi network named "Wireless@SG". The full coverage information is available here. ACL-IJCNLP 2009 venue, Suntec Convention Centre, has Wireless@SG coverage on the first (ground) floor.

Accessing the Internet via Wireless@SG requires username and password, which any person can obtain upon registration with one of Wireless@SG operators. The registration links are:

A few fields in the registration form may require clarification:

  • NRIC/FIN: Enter your passport number here.
  • NRIC/FIN Type: Choose "Passport".
  • Nationality: If you cannot find yours, choose "Others".
  • Address: Enter address of the hotel you booked to stay in Singapore.
  • Verification code: Type the code you see in the upper box into the lower box.

Registration confirmation and password are sent via SMS; local Singapore mobile phone numbers are required at the moment. We advise you to purchase a prepaid SIM card upon arrival to Singapore. The prepaid SIM cards for all 3 mobile operators are sold in a number of shops including convenience stores like 7-eleven. Passport is required to purchase a SIM card.

More information about Wireless@SG can be obtained from the Infocomm Development Authority website.

Starhub 3.5G HSDPA Mobile Internet Access with country wide coverage(Paid Service)

Suntec Convention Centre is offering a country wide paid internet access service (wireless access) based on the rental of 3.5G HSDPA Mobile Data Card. With the rental of this service, conference participant will be able to enjoy dedicated and high bandwidth internet access everywhere in Singapore. Starhub is one of the main service providers in Singapore that offers excellent wireless coverage. Listed here are the specifications and rental cost:

Starhub 3.5G HSDPA Mobile Internet Specifications:

1.    Download speed = 7.2Mbps, upload speed = 1.9MBps
2.    Unlimited download usage.
3.    OS supported: Windows@2000, Windows@XP, Windows@Vista and MAC OS up to 10.4 (tiger)
4.    HSDPA data card provided: Huawei E170 or E270.

Starhub 3.5G HSDPA Mobile Internet Rental Cost:

1.    3 days rental inclusive of 3G SIM Card and HSDPA Data Card = S$400.00
2.    7 days rental inclusive of 3G SIM Card and HSDPA Data Card = S$500.00
3.    Device deposit cost (refundable) = S$300.00
      *For the full details, please download this form.       

This paid service is open for ordering now! Simply fill in the form and email over the form follow the instruction given:

1.  Fill in the entire form including credit card authorization portion.
2.  Email over the form follow the instruction.
3.  Collection of the service package (inclusive of Data Card and SIM Card) at Suntec Singapore,

Contact person:

Mr. Winston Sze, Tel: +65 68252020

Collection time:

- Order made prior to 15th July 2009, partipant will be able to collect the package by 10am on 2-Aug 2009 (1st day of conference!)
- For on-site ordring made:
- before 10am, delivery by 2pm.
- in between 10am to 2pm.,delivery by 6pm.
- after 2pm, delivery by 10am on the next day.

  • Payment can be made either by credit card or by cash during collection of the package.
  • This paid service is offered by Suntec Convention Centre and therefore participants will deal with Suntec directly.

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