Keynote Speech

Ketan Samani
Executive Director, Regional eBusiness
Group Consumer Banking, DBS Bank, Singapore

Prior to joining DBS, Ketan held a Global Head of Web Channels position in Transaction Banking at Standard Chartered Bank. Ketan has lead the online channels transformation and developed commercially impactful eBusiness value propositions for number of global financial brands - across Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. He is passionate about customer centricity and has delivered transformation of electronic channels at HSBC, AXA-IM, Barclays, Standard Chartered and now at DBS in Singapore.

Information technologies as innovation drivers in the financial and banking industry

Abstract: The financial and banking industry is currently evolving from a transactional-based to a customer-relationship-based model of service. Within this context, information technologies play a pivotal role on the innovation race for customer satisfaction and service excellence. However, within this new context of the information society, this sector still needs to cope with the challenges imposed by the traditional constraints of privacy, security and reliability. This keynote speech will present and describe some of the main challenges and opportunities that information technologies are bringing into the innovation processes that are defining the future of the financial and banking industry.

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